Located at the University of Bremen, Germany, Black Studies Papers (ISSN 2198-7920) is the first peer-reviewed Black Studies journal founded in Europe. The aim of this journal is to stimulate international dialogue among emerging and established scholars in Black Studies, seeking scholarly articles that explore a wide range of theoretical currents, subjects, and methodologies within the field. Promoting multidisciplinary and transnational perspectives on black diasporic cultural formations, we feature contributions that focus on black historical, literary and cultural criticism.

Articles cover periods ranging from before transatlantic enslavement to the present day; they examine different topics in various media and genres. Featured essays approach their topics from different methodological angles and consider a variety of current theories and concepts such as post-racialism and Afro-pessimism.

As such, Black Studies Papers will serve as a vital platform for the diverse – and frequently opposed – approaches and voices within Black Studies, both in Europe and the Americas and, in so doing, hopes to reflect and foster the very vibrancy, complexity and range of the field itself.